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R. v. D.K.

2019 Hamilton

Charge: Possession for the purpose of trafficking fentanyl.
Result: Client arrested following police investigation into the overdose death of a young woman.  Phone records linked client to the deceased on the night of the death.  Seven months and two pretrials  later, all charges withdrawn by the Crown when the records and surveillance video could not support the allegations.

R. v. D.P.

2019 Hamilton

Charge: Aggravated assault and armed robbery.
Result: Client and two friends were caught on HD-quality surveillance video entering a business, armed with handguns and a hammer.  They used zip ties to confine two women, and client attacked the owner with a hammer, causing significant injuries to his brain and eye.  All three accused were arrested fleeing the scene, in possession of the video system capturing the events, dressed in the same clothing as the robbers.  Guilty pleas were entered for all accused.  Successfully argued for a 7 year jail sentence following a two day hearing, with Crown seeking a 12 year sentence given client’s previous record for similar offences.

R. v. D.M.

2018 Hamilton

Charge: First degree murder

Result: Client charged with first degree murder in June 2016.  I successfully argued for bail in December 2016.  In January 2018, I had his video taped statement, which included a confession to being at the murder, excluded from trial.  In August 2018, the Crown accepted a plea to manslaughter and in October he was sentenced to 5 years in jail; while one co-accused received a 10 year sentence for manslaughter and the other was convicted of first degree murder.

Statement Decision: Click Here

Bail Decision: Click Here

R. v. J.M

2018 Hamilton

Charge: Accessory after the fact to murder

Result: Arrested for murder but charged with being an accessory to the “Good Samaritan” killing outside of a mosque in Hamilton.  Negotiations with the Crown resulted in a plea to Obstruct Justice for a one year sentence.


R. v. O.B

2018 Brampton

Charge: Possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine and proceeds of crime

Result: Client charged in “Project Cartella” with possession of 2 kilos of cocaine found in a bedroom closet and proceeds of crime in relation to money.  Police executed search warrants on his and his girlfriend’s residence, following a 7 month police investigation involving wire taps, tracking devices, and surveillance.  Client acquitted of all charges at the end of a 5 day trial.

R. v. J.A.B.

2018 Toronto

Charge: Possession for the purpose of trafficking heroin and proceeds of crime

Result: Client acquitted after a 3 day Superior Court Charter Application challenging the arrest, strip search, and violation of my client’s right to counsel.  Judge found the police lied about seeing a dime bag of heroin in my clients hand and therefore the subsequent strip search in a residential building was unlawful.  Evidence excluded: 19 grams of heroin and cash.

R. v. T.L.

2018 Toronto

Charge: Production and Possession for the purpose of trafficking marijuana, and proceeds of crime

Result: Client and co-accused all acquitted following a Charter Application challenging the search of their business and residence. Police acting on an informant’s tip and the smell of marijuana were granted a search warrant and located over 900 plants, 18 kilograms of dried marijuana, and money.  All evidence excluded due to significant constitutional violations.

R. v. S.G.

2017 Brampton

Charge: Second-Degree Murder

Result: Client charged with stabbing a man four times following a brief exchange behind a plaza in Mississauga.  After six days of evidence, including the client’s account of having to defend himself, the jury spent four days deliberating before finding the client not guilty of murder.

R. v. M.N.

2017 Toronto

Charge: Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Result: My client and his two self-represented friends were all acquitted after a two-day trial at Old City Hall.  Within an hour of cross-examining the complainant, he was apologizing to my client from the witness stand for having him wrongfully arrested.

R. v. A.M.

2017 Hamilton

Charge: Importing fentanyl, Conspiracy to traffic fentanyl, and Possession for the purpose of trafficking fentanyl

Result: This 52 year old mother with no criminal record was told by her first lawyer to “get comfortable” sitting in jail since she would be spending the next day 8-10 years there.  After hiring me, she was out on bail within one week and a year later all of her charges were withdrawn at the preliminary hearing.

R. v. D.W.

2017 Welland

Charge: First Degree Murder

Result: Following an 8-week jury trial, client acquitted of first and second-degree murder; convicted of the lesser offence of manslaughter for his role in the kidnapping, unlawful confinement, and murder of the victim.

Sentencing decision: Click Here

R. v. J.P.

2017 Brampton

Charge: Possession for the purpose of trafficking Fentanyl

Result: Charge withdrawn after discussions with the Crown concerning the arresting officer’s involvement in the theft of evidence from a different drug-related investigation.

R. v. J.C.

2016 Hamilton

Charge: Possession of a firearm or imitation thereof

Result: Client acquitted after trial when Crown failed to prove that possession of the firearm or initiation firearm was for a purpose dangerous to the public. 
Reported decision: Click Here

R. v. M.P.

2016 St. Catherines

Charge: Conspiracy to traffic cocaine, Possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, Proceeds of crime, Money laundering
Result: Client pled guilty to one count of possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking; all other counts withdrawn.  Crown sought a sentence of 5 years in custody, I argued that the 2-3 year range was appropriate.  Judge agreed with me and my client was sentenced to 2.5 years (30 months) less pre-sentence custody on an enhanced basis.

Reported decision: Click Here

R. v. A.Q.R.

2016 Newmarket

Charge: possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking x4 and proceeds of crime.
Result:  Client charged with possessing 2 kilograms of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking  after police executed a search warrant on a residence in Vaughan.  Following a four day trial, client was acquitted of all charges.
Reported Decision: Click Here

R. v. S.E.

2016 Hamilton

Charge: Second Degree Murder
Result: Following the successful challenge to utterances and statements made to police, and after one week if trial before a Jury, the Crown accepted a plea to manslaughter and a sentence of two years less a day served in a treatment facility.
Reported decision: Click Here

R. v. R.F.

2015 Hamilton

Charge: Weapons dangerous, Possess Firearm, Mischief, Fail to comply x4
Result: Client charged with allegedly firing a gun into a crowd of people during a New Year’s Eve brawl on a residential street. Acquitted of all charges after a two day trial.

R. v. J.A.

2015 Hamilton

Charge: Possession of Controlled Substance x3 (Crystal Meth, GHB, Marijuana)
Result: Client acquitted of all charges after Charter application to exclude the evidence due to illegal arrest and unlawful search by police.
Reported Decision: Click Here

R. v. J.B.

2015 Toronto

Charge: Attempt Murder, Assault, Theft
Result: Client charged with two other accused in a downtown shooting. Released on bail and all charges stayed following pretrial.

R. v. A.F-S (Youth)

2015 Brampton

Charge: Intimidation of a justice system participant x3, Criminal Harassment x3, Mischief
Result: Client acquitted of all but the mischief charge after two days of trial, based on video evidence and the testimony of three officers from the Roy McMurtry Youth Detention Centre.
Reported Decision: Click Here

R. v. S.C

2015 Hamilton

Charge: Second Degree Murder
Result: Following a four week Jury trial, client acquitted of murder but convicted of the lesser included offence of manslaughter. Crown application to revoke bail denied and client remains out pending sentence. Sentence: 3 years and 10 months, after credit for pretrial custody and strict bail conditions.
Reported Decision: (pretrial) excluding prior discreditable conduct: Click Here Sentencing Decision: Click Here
Media Coverage: Click Here
Bail Decision: Click Here

R. v. R.G

2014 Brampton

Charge: Trafficking cocaine, Possession of Marijuana, Attempt to disarm officer, & Assaulting police.
Result: Client acquitted after three days of trial and after judge ordering a view of the scene of the alleged offence, after video evidence submitted by defence called the arresting officer’s evidence into question.
Reported Decision: Click Here

R. v. J.H (Youth)

2014 Oshawa

Charge: Possession of Loaded Prohibited Firearm.
Result: Client charged as a young offender for possessing a firearm found in a garage when police executed a search warrant at his home. He was acquitted on the second day of trial.

R. v. L.C.

2014 Toronto

Charge: Possess Unlawfully Restricted and Prohibited Firearms (multiple counts), Possession for the purpose of trafficking Marijuana & Hash, and Proceeds of Crime
Result: After successful challenge to the search warrant and all charges withdrawn, appeared in Superior Court and secured the return of 19 firearms and over $250,000 in cash seized by the police.

R. v. D.B.

2014 Oshawa

Charge: Human trafficking x3, Living off the avails of prostitution x3, Procuring a prostitute x3, Forcible confinement, Unlawful possession of a firearm and various weapons charges.
Result: All charges withdrawn at the request of the Crown, following a 5 day preliminary hearing

R. v. M.B.

2014 Brampton

Charge: Importing cocaine.
Result: Charges stayed after a mistrial declared and application for stay of proceedings filed in Superior Court.
Reported Decision: Click Here

R. v. R.R (Youth)

2014 Brampton

Charge: Sexual assault and Sexual Interference.
Result: 17 year-old client charged after his girlfriend admitted to having sex below the age of consent, but having lied about her age. Client acquitted of all counts after two-day trial.
Reported Decision: Click Here

R. v. C.G.

2013 Toronto

Charge: Manslaughter, Trafficking Cocaine, Trafficking Heroin.
Result: Client called 911 after his friend died of a heroin overdose. Client admitted to the police that he injected his friend with heroin, and was subsequently charged with manslaughter. After a 5 day preliminary hearing seeking to exclude the statement, the Crown offered to withdraw all charges and accepted a plea to criminal negligence for an effective sentence of time served at 18 months.

R. v. R.F.

2013 Hamilton

Charge: Flight from Police, Dangerous Driving, Fail to Comply with Probation x3.
Result: Client acquitted of all charges after Crown failed to prove that it was the client driving the vehicle in a high speed police chase.

R. v. M.G.

2013 Hamilton

Charge: Possession of marijuana, Obstruct Police, Breach recognizance, and Breach Probation.
Result:  Client acquitted of all charges after evidence excluding following successful Charter application.

R. v. F.C.

2013 Brampton

Charge: Importing Cocaine.
Result: Client acquitted of importing a kilogram of cocaine following 5 day Jury trial.

R. v. D.C.

2013 Toronto

Charge: Possession of Loaded Restricted Firearm
Result: Client acquitted of all charges by a jury, following two week trial in Toronto Superior Court.

R. v. B.M.

2013 St. Catharines

Charge: Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking.
Result: Client acquitted of possessing cocaine found in a pocket of a uniform at Niagara Detention.

R. v. S.T.

2012 Toronto

Charge: Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking, and Proceeds of Crime.
Result: Client acquitted following a judge alone trial in Toronto Superior Court
Reported Decision: Click Here

R. v. D.C.

2012 Brampton

Charge: Domestic Assault, Point Firearm, Possess Firearm, Utter Threats.
Result: Client acquitted of all charges following a 10 day jury trial in Brampton Superior Court.

R. v. D.D.

2011 Brampton

Charge: Gang Sexual Assault.
Result: Client acquitted after a two week trial before a Superior Court judge, without a jury.

R. v. R.A.

2011 Toronto

Charge: Possession of loaded Prohibited Firearm
Result: Client acquitted of all charges after an 8 day judge-alone trial in Superior Court.

R. v. A.G.

2010 Toronto

Charge:  Robbery
Result:  Client acquitted after trial before Judge in Scarborough.

R. v. M.S.

2010 Brampton

Charge: Possession of Loaded Prohibited Firearm and Ammunition
Result: Client discharged at the end of a three day preliminary hearing


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